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Sale of Agave Plants

Maguey y Nopal de Yucatán is a company that harvests Agave Azul (Blue agave) in the Yucatan Peninsula. It also produces the liquor and bottles it following the traditional techniques.

Those interested in harvesting Agave Azul (tequilana weber) can ask for the information at the contact telephone numbers or directly at the distillery. This information includes the amount of plants to be sow in each hectare, the maintenance that the agave needs, and the best suggestions for the harvesting. Maguey y Nopal de Yucatán is also provider of the agave tillers. The agave plant is very resistant; it can take high temperatures and drought without problem, and therefore it gives low maintenance work.

Likewise, if you are interested on grown agave plants for ornate in landscaping or gardening, they can be acquired by Maguey y Nopal de Yucatan at the contact telephone numbers.